Weddings for UK Passport Holders living in UAE/Middle East/Gulf States

UK Passport Holders living in Dubai/UAE/Middle East/Gulf States marrying in Cyprus require the following:

  • Full Adult UK Passport valid for at least 6 months after your departure date from Cyprus
  • Original Birth certificate – preferably the long version (but the short one may be accepted, please check with us first)
  • Plus any additional documentation, if applicable, as below
We are able to obtain your Affidavit/Freedom to Marry Certificate here in Limassol, Cyprus, which must be done with you in attendance.

If your partner does not hold a UK Passport, please contact us to check relevant paperwork.

Additional documents required – if applicable
  • Original Decree Absolute – in case of divorce
  • Original Deed Poll – in case of name change
  • Original Death Certificate – of late partner in the case of widowhood
  • Original Adoption Certificate – if applicable
Please send/email/scan all documents to check in advance of your arrival to verify with Town Hall.


  • Booking the time and date of your wedding
  • Confirmation in writing
  • Complete and accurate care of all legal documentation which will be checked before arrival in Cyprus
  • Pre-booked appointment at the Town Hall to obtain your Marriage Licence
  • Assistance of your wedding co-ordinator throughout, to present your documents
  • Transport and accompanied to the Court to obtain your Affidavit
  • Transport and accompanied to the Town Hall to complete your Marriage Licence Application
  • Nicosia Service – Marriage Certificates for couples living in Dubai/UAE require a legalisation procedure in Nicosia after your wedding – you do not have to go to Nicosia to do this – it will be done for you leaving you to enjoy your day and time here in Cyprus – this service is also included as are all stamps necessary.  Your Certificate will be given to you before you depart.
  • All appointments will be emailed to you before arrival for reassurance

This Administration Package is €350 plus the Nicosia Service of €140

You may of course add anything you wish to complete your day: Flowers and Photography are available at short notice

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