Terms of Service

Your continued use of this website indicates your continued acceptance of these Terms of Service

Terms of Payment

All prices are in Euros and are valid at the time of publication.  On confirmation of engaging our services a non-refundable deposit is required of €350 for our Administration by bank transfer which will be deducted from the final account or this cost will act alone if you have chosen our Administration Only package.  None of our packages include the compulsory Cyprus Marriage Licence Fee of Euro282 which is payable directly to the Town Hall.

The remainder of the package chosen may be paid in instalments if you wish.  We will then proceed with the wedding application at the relevant Town Hall and/or Church.  Full payment is required 6 weeks prior to arrival excepting the Town Hall/Church fees which are payable directly to them.  If full payment is not received The Wedding Counsel reserves the right to cancel the wedding arrangements.  Our receipt of your deposit will be verification that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions.

Administration Only Package

Our Administration Only package includes all the Legal side of your wedding.  This includes: booking the venue/time/date of your wedding, confirmation of this from the relevant Town Hall, full advice of documentation needed as well as full advice on Affidavits required.  All documents will be lodged at the Town Hall well before your arrival date, checked and cleared by them, and confirmation of acceptance of your documents sent to you.

You understand that this is Administration Only as described above, and we will not be in attendance at any point, and that you are free to choose any supplier you wish, giving you completely free reign over your own day.

Cancellation and Changes made by Venue/Supplier

Wedding arrangements are made well in advance and whilst the information and prices stated are correct at the time of publication we reserve the right to amend packages and prices if and when suppliers change theirs without prior notice.  We will of course advise you if we are made aware so that you have the option to make the necessary suitable amendments.   It should be noted that if we are not informed timely of any changes The Wedding Counsel cannot be held responsible.

In the case of any services by the hotel and/or venue being substituted, The Wedding Counsel will endeavour to arrange services of a similar standard as originally booked.

Cancellations made by you

If for any reason the wedding date needs to be amended and/or cancelled The Wedding Counsel will change your booking to an alternative date or cancel the arrangements completely as required.  Please be advised you may be able to claim cancellation costs from your insurance policy.  Claims must be made directly to the relevant insurance company.  No refund in case of Euro350 non-refundable deposit as this represents work already done on your behalf. We recommend that you take out travel insurance and wedding insurance at the same time as booking your wedding. Cancellations must be received in writing.

Cancellations made: Terms of Cancellation
Within 6 months prior to arrival 30% of total cost less any payment already made to suppliers
Within 3 months prior to arrival 50% of total cost less any payment already made to suppliers
Within 1 month prior to arrival 100%

Force Majeure

We regret that we cannot accept liability in the case of Force Majeure and reserve the right to withdraw from any arrangements made due to circumstances beyond our control.  Force Majeure means any event which is beyond our control which may include, but is not limited to, Acts of God, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, epidemic, pandemic, fire, errors or failure by third parties and all similar events beyond our control.  In these instances our liability will be limited to:  doing our utmost to re-arrange your wedding or if this is not possible due to extreme circumstances a refund will be made, less the non-refundable deposit as this constitutes work already carried out and any monies we have already paid out.  Please refer to the wording of your travel insurance and/or wedding insurance for your personal coverage.

Interruption or Loss of Facilities

The Wedding Counsel cannot be held liable for interruption or loss of facilities in Cyprus which may include, but not limited to, interruption of electricity supply, interruption of water supply, closing of a venue by the owner, change of policy by an owner/venue or change of pricing by an owner/venue.  We are rarely notified of these in advance and therefore have no control over them.  In these cases, we will do our best to work round the circumstances and continue your wedding arrangements with a suitable alternative but we will not be held liable for loss of facility or for any inconvenience caused.

Use of your own suppliers/Change of package

Every care and effort has been taken in selecting our suppliers with an excellent track record. If, however, you choose to use your own suppliers we will not be held responsible in any way for their service.

Our wedding packages have been carefully thought out and planned.  They are not interchangeable.  If we have given you a personalised package as per your specific requirements, again, it is then set and not interchangeable.

Flight Delay/Change of Accommodation/Change made by Venue

In the case of severe flight delay or change of accommodation made by your Airline or Tour Operator we will do our best to change your wedding appointments and arrangements accordingly.  Please inform us as soon as possible.  If for any reason, the Church or Town Hall changes your wedding date, we will do our best to re-arrange the services and/or any other functions but will not be held liable for their action.

Availability of Website

Whilst every effort is made to keep the website running smoothly, The Wedding Counsel will not be responsible for the site, or sites linked through our website, being temporarily unavailable due to, but not limited to, technical reasons beyond our control.


Every reasonable care has been taken in creating this website and the information held herein.  We will endeavour to keep all information up-dated, however, we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or omissions provided by third parties.


In the very unlikely event of a complaint we would ask that you notify us immediately while you are still here in Cyprus to enable us to rectify the matter.  We will not be able to entertain or address any issues once you have returned to your own country.

Legal Paperwork

All documentation required must be originals, copies will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT:  It is your responsibility to obtain the correct legal paperwork.  Failure to produce the correct original documentation will lead to the cancellation of your wedding.  We do advise you to take out wedding insurance and to carry all wedding documents with you in your hand luggage.


All information contained in this website is under copyright.  All material and photographs are the property of The Wedding Counsel or have been used with permission.  Any unauthorised reproduction is prohibited.